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Top Gear review: Brit-built 361kg joy machine

Top Gear, a hallmark in automotive journalism, recently turned their discerning eye to our very own Pembleton T24.

Top Gear review front image

Their insights:

The Pembleton T24 is not just a car; it's a bridge between vintage charm and modern craftsmanship. Crafted in the tranquil village of Bayton, Worcestershire, this unique vehicle boasts an air-cooled v-twin bike engine from Moto Guzzi, available in 744cc and 853cc configurations. Despite its svelte 361kg weight, the T24 promises a vibrant driving experience, courtesy of its Citroen 2CV-derived transaxle gearbox and unique pullrod suspension. Beyond its classic appeal, the T24 is a beacon of reliability and practicality, featuring a generous 200-litre boot and a luxurious leather bench for two.

With a starting price of £32,995 + VAT for the 744cc model and nearing £40,000 + VAT for the 853cc version, the T24 epitomises the myriad benefits of lightweight engineering in both zest and fuel efficiency. Experience a renewed vision of vintage motoring with the Pembleton T24.

"The T24 might be an extreme example with a bonkers driving experience, but everything about it shows why we should be pushing for lighter and lighter cars."

For more candid shots of the Pembleton T24 grab your copy of the new Top Gear magazine: Lotus vs Tesla today!

Images courtesy of Top Gear and Huckleberry Mountain


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