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We believe that the moment you order your Pembleton V-Sport or T24, it is the start of a number of special, long lasting relationships.

One of the huge gains of small volume manufacturing is the close bond you can form between one and other. Instead of increasing our production volumes we keep to a limited number of builds per year to ensure its an experience like no other. You are welcomed to visit during the build of your car, meet our team and develop a strong understanding of what goes into making your car so special. This is an experience like no other and creates a special bond between you, your car and us that will last for years.

When you leave our workshops with your car you are invited to join our Official Owners Club where you can meet many other like minded people, sign up to events and chat about all things Pembleton. 

We provide a warranty with your car for peace of mind and continue to support you throughout your ownership by providing easy servicing options. 

Our annual meet ups provide a great excuse for a drive out and good catch up with old & new friends.

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A huge part of owning a Pembleton is the peace of mind that you will be looked after once you've taken delivery of your car. We don't want you to have any worries or concerns about maintaining your car, so we provide a warranty as well as full servicing options.

Be it a standard annual service, our free first service, or perhaps there's an extra that you didn't spec when you ordered that you now want, you can relax knowing that we can do all of this for you.

All Pembleton's are designed to be easy to service, and with full technical support via phone or email available, we can assist with any queries you may have.

Pembleton Motor Company Servicing


We want to make ownership of your Pembleton as simple and stress free as possible. Not only have we adopted this philosophy with the design of our cars, but we are now working on extending this to servicing too. We feel strongly that you should be able to service you car easily, and that you shouldn't feel you can only do this by bringing the car to us, which for some people may be a long and inconvenient journey. Therefore, we are working on building a network of approved servicing providers so you can find somewhere closer to home to have your Pembleton looked after.

And if you want to come back to us for your service, you can still do that. The choice is yours.

Servicing Providers
Owners Club


Pembleton Owners Club


Our Official Owners Club is an online hub where you can find everything you need. Its a secure site purely for owners of our V-Sport and T24 models.

You will find a forum where you can organise meet ups, discuss technical details and share photos as well as having a chat with the other owners. We also have an online system where you can book in your annual service or a bespoke service as well as signing up to our official events. 

We're always looking to improve our customer experience so you can only expect more features as time goes on. Best of all, it's completely free.

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A selection of photos from our Elan Valley 2022 tour. We love bringing our owners together and getting out on adventures. We organised a tour of the Elan Valley in Wales and were blessed with glorious weather and fantastic roads. An all round great weekend that was thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended.

Pre-owned Pembletons
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Very occasionally we have pre-owned cars up for sale. If you are interested in being notified when this happens then please join our Pre-owned Pembleton's mailing list below. Please note you will also be added to our main mailing list.

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