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The Pembleton T24: A Modern Classic Featured in Classic and Sports Car Magazine

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The automotive world is continuously evolving, yet there's something undeniably alluring about the classics. This is where the Pembleton T24 steps in, a vehicle that not only revives the essence of vintage motoring but also integrates modern engineering marvels. This blend of past and present was recently featured in the November issue of Classic and Sports Car magazine, showcasing its unique appeal.

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Crafted in rural Worcestershire by a team of five, the T24 is Pembleton's homage to the bygone era of motoring, yet it promises 21st-century durability. The heart of the T24 is an air-cooled, 853cc V-twin engine from Moto Guzzi, positioned before the front axle. This setup, combined with a modified Citröen four-speed transaxle, offers a power-to-weight ratio matching that of a Porsche 718 Boxster – an impressive 216bhp per tonne.

The magazine quotes Guy Gregory, Managing Director at Pembleton, who describes the T24 as “An escape from the modern world.” This sentiment is echoed in every aspect of the car's design. The hand-formed aluminum body, the tubular spaceframe, and the semi-monocoque construction speak volumes of the craftsmanship involved.

The driving experience is equally unique. The T24's seating position, low and stretched out, is complemented by a simple four-spoke wheel and a turned-aluminium dash. As you start the car, the V-twin engine's thump is an immediate throwback to simpler times, and its old-school vibration adds to the charm. On the road, the car offers a sublime ride, balancing vintage allure and modern composure.

Priced at £42,474, the Pembleton T24 isn't just a car; it's a journey back in time, with the reliability of a contemporary vehicle. As Classic and Sports Car magazine puts it, it’s a car that captures the evocative feel of a historic motor, with the reassurance of something built in 2023. For those yearning for an escape from the modern world, the T24 could be the perfect answer.

Access original feature here: “Future Classic: Pembleton T24” Classic and Sports Car Magazine, November 2023

Images: John Bradshaw


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