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Autocar T24 review 2023

Autocar provides a review of Pembleton Motor Company's T24, a car designed to capture the look & feel of a vintage pre-war cars.

Red Pembleton T24

Autocar's Steve Hucknall reviews our T24.

The Pembleton T24 is a hand-crafted, vintage-style sports car with a modern twist. Built in small numbers by a highly skilled team in Worcestershire, the T24 features an air-cooled, four-stroke, 853cc twin engine and an independent suspension system with full adjustable damping. With 79bhp and a dry weight of only 361kg, the T24 promises exhilarating performance and agile handling.

The interior is elegant yet simple, featuring a four-spoke leather-rimmed steering wheel facing an aluminium dash with inset dials and a glove box, as well as comfortable fully shaped and moulded seats.

With its combination of classic design and modern technology, the Pembleton T24 provides both style and performance for those who want to capture the essence of motoring from past eras without sacrificing reliability or dependability. Starting at £39,594 (inc vat), this unique vehicle is sure to put you in the driver's seat of something truly special.

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Red Pembleton T24

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