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Behind the Wheel: Discovering Corsica and Sardinia in the Pembleton T24

In our first chapter of "Behind the Wheel," we invite you to step into the passenger seat and experience the thrill of exploration through the eyes of two Pembleton T24 owners. Through captivating narratives and stunning imagery, we'll explore their unforgettable road trip, celebrating the spirit of adventure and the timeless charm of the open road in their Pembleton T24's.

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Embark on a journey of discovery as we explore the exhilarating expedition of Richard and his companion Shaun, two passionate adventurers who journeyed through the stunning landscapes of Corsica and Sardinia in their beloved Pembleton T24s. Join us as we uncover the highlights of their unforgettable trip, filled with scenic drives, charming villages, and the indomitable spirit of exploration.

Corsican Coast and Sardinia

In the company of their trusty Pembleton T24s, Richard and Shaun embarked on a thrilling adventure from Richard's home in the Midlands. Their destination: the sun-soaked shores of Corsica and Sardinia, calling forth with promises of winding roads and breathtaking views.

As they set sail from Portsmouth to Caen, Richard and Shaun eagerly anticipated the adventures awaiting them. Despite a chaotic ferry boarding experience, the duo found comfort in the warmth of the sun as they travelled the quiet roads from Caen to their first overnight stop at a charming chateau in Belleme.

Arriving in Bastia, Corsica amidst thunder and rain, the adventurers faced a choice: to head directly for their hotels or embrace the challenge of the island's scenic coastal roads. Opting for the latter, they embarked on a journey that would become deeply ingrained in their memories. From cliffside drives to picturesque villages, every twist and turn revealed a new facet of Corsica's rugged beauty.

"The cars were just superb for exploring these backroads."

Crossing the Mediterranean to Sardinia, Richard and Shaun found themselves amidst stunning landscapes and winding roads. From the summit of Mount Ventoux to the breathtaking views of Saint-Priest la-Roche, their Pembleton T24s proved to be the perfect companions for mountainous terrain and open roads alike.

"It is such a refreshing change to deal with a Company that listens to their customers and then takes action to make the cars into what they really want."

Richard said "We had driven these little cars from the Channel to the Mediterranean and back to the Bay of Biscay. The cars had been great."

Ending and Reflections

As their journey drew to a close, Richard and Shaun reflected on the remarkable experiences they shared and the enduring bond forged with their Pembleton T24s. From navigating bustling city streets to conquering mountain passes.

"This had been the first proper tour in the Pembletons. It was by no means a simple, easy route but the cars were a pleasure throughout." - Richard 

For those interested in purchasing a T24, we offer a personalised experience, welcoming customers to visit the workshops and participate in the customisation process. All Pembleton T24s come with a full warranty, free first service, and access to a dedicated owners club and aftersales support, ensuring a seamless ownership experience from start to finish.


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