Born from the love of driving, the first Pembleton cycle car was crafted in 1999 by ex-National Hill Climb Champion and designer Phil Gregory. Nestled deep in the Worcestershire countryside, the new generation of Pembleton sports cars are still lovingly hand-built in Bayton in the very same workshops as "Old Number 1”.

Having grown up with motorsport in his blood, Phils' son Guy has taken the original design combining vintage cycle car style with contemporary engineering to make the Pembleton what it is today. 


With Guys small team of specialists including historic racing driver Sam Stretton, graduate engineer John Mockett and proprietor Phil, Pembleton produce the all new T24 cycle car alongside their already iconic V-Sport 3 wheeler. 

Pembleton T24 side shot
Pembleton T24 logo
Pembleton T24 front reveal

The Pembleton T24 is a vintage cycle car reimagined for the present. A synergy of 1920s aesthetics and 21st century technology fused to create a sports car for the ages. It handles intuitively, accurate and agile through the corners, the sound is raw with an addictive engine note, the interior is both comfortable and tactile, the T24 offers a fully immersive driver experience. 

V-Sport 3 wheeler side on
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The Pembleton V-Sport is a vintage styled 3 wheeler cycle car unlike any other you will find on the road. With an unparalleled weight of just 298KG, and an incredibly smooth and adjustable ride, paired with modern engineering and technology, results in a true vintage feel without any reliability worries. 

A polished, handcrafted aluminium body with paint options available too means there is nothing quite like the V-Sport.

"One of the finest machines we have tested all year"

"The ride is sensational"

Andrew English - The Telegraph 2019

Pembleton V-Sport Apex