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V-Sport - New Engine Option Now Available

Pembleton V-Sport fitted with our standard 744cc Moto Guzzi V-Twin engine. Pictured here outside the Hive, Worcester, Worcestershire
Our current V-Sport demonstrator fitted with our standard 744cc engine

We are very excited to offer a new engine option for the V-Sport.

The new 853cc engine upgrade will provide a big jump in horsepower from the standard 744cc unit, stepping up from 52 BHP to 79 BHP.

The V-Sport already has exciting performance, due to it being so lightweight at just 298kg dry. Our standard 744cc engine has an impressive 175 BHP per tonne, with an estimated 0-60mph time of 6-7 seconds. Andrew English of The Telegraph even called the 744cc powered V-Sport "One of the finest machines we've tested all year" back in 2019.

The new 853cc V-Twin option will provide a significant gain in performance, raising this to 265 BHP per tonne, and certainly wont leave you wanting more.

Pembleton V-Sport 3 wheeler photographed by Nigel Harniman at Catherton Common, Clee Hill, Shropshire

Book Your Visit With the new engine upgrade option coming slightly later in the year, we're inviting you to visit and try out our current 744cc engined V-Sport demonstrator. We're confident that you wont be disappointed, and you have the peace of mind that the 853cc option is on its way should you need it.

Should you wish to book a visit to test drive a V-Sport you can do so our online booking system. We can also discuss orders & visits via phone (01299 832304) or email (


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