The Pembleton captures the business-like looks of the classic 1920s cycle car. With an exceptionally comfortable ride, powerful brakes, responsive handling and good luggage space; the Pembleton can meet the demands of todays motorists while providing all the exhilaration of a vintage sports car.

The Pembleton is constructed around a professionally designed tubular space frame chassis with stressed aluminium skin. With a kerb side weight as little as 300kg, the car is exceptionally light, thus reducing stress on components whilst improving performance and handling. The Pembleton truly is a wonderful driving experience.

OPTIONS – 3 or 4 wheel chassis with various size options are available with a comprehensive list of extras including weather equipment and Pembleton lightweight wire wheels. The Pembleton has been designed to accept Citroen, Moto Guzzi or BMW engines, providing a power-to-weight ratio ranging from 118 to a thrilling 300 BHP per ton.