Self Build

For the ultimate Pembleton experience, the Pembleton is available for self-build. The customer can construct their own bespoke car and will find it a satisfying and exciting process. Perfect for the creative, hands on person.

One donor Citroen 2CV is required and the Pembleton chassis is ready to accept all major components. Every effort has been made to keep parts standard throughout resulting in a cheaper build and more reliability. Moreover, the array of available optional extras and upgrades means that you can spend as much or as little as you require to create your dream car.

Furthermore, the characteristic and unique Pembleton aluminium body panels can be purchased laser cut for the perfect finish, or can be simply hand-made using the patterns supplied.

There are no compound curves making the build straightforward, requiring no special tools. Both the Super Sport (3 wheels) and Brooklands (4 wheels) can be registered through a motorcycle MSVA test and will retain an age related number plate.

Contact Pembleton motor company for more information 01299 832944.